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Personal leadership is not a skill or a matter of knowledge.

It's about who you are as a manager.

This determines if you are_effective.

If a leader does not know who he is and does not really feel what he is asking of others,

that doesn't happen. We all have an intuitive interaction, but we forgot to talk about it.

Your intention and feelings always have an effect on the environment. We all respond intuitively to each other, but have forgotten to talk about it. The greater the difference between who you are and how you act, the more tension and resistance you and the other experience. Birds of prey show that difference. It's about being aware of what you think and what you feel. And not just about what you do. From that contact with yourself you can make optimal contact with others.

Real leadership is about making real contact with yourself and the other!


That is the communication that Rebird can offer you.


Learn to lead naturally
You cannot get authentic and inspiring leadership from yourself by learning even more additional skills. You can discover your own unique intention with the various leadership courses and with the team training at Rebird.

Do you dare?
Do you already know who you are as a leader and as a person?

Do you dare to get the answer?

Take contact on with Rebird 


Do you first want to know what the experience of others was? Read de reviews.

Authentic Leadership  
On the wings

Train yourself to lead from your intentions

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