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For more insight and quality in life

This 4 day training is about experiencing, reflecting and integration of new insights in old patterns.

You want more control over your life and want to connect with yourself and your environment. You experience having the same problems over and over again and you are not able to break through these patterns. In other words you would like to get back to your inner power, and from their successfully find your own way.

We keep doing what we think we should do, because we have always done it that way. We repeat what we always have done and get more of the same.

What would happen if you could use your heart and intuition more often as a compass and your head only as a clear support? And what does it mean to live and act out of trust?

Renewal asks for another way of thinking, new insights and other behavior.
Our Action and Reflection training offers this. There is lot of space to learn from your experiences, to reflect and to stimulate changes from rest and silence. This progam is very intense as you can put into practice directly what you learned.



“The solution for your situation is outside thinking that the situation has been caused by” Albert Einstein

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Target group

  • For everybody who dares to confront him/herself and who wants to get more out of his/her life

  • For everybody who likes to live/lead from the connection with his/ herself and the other person

  • For everybody who would like to know what (s)he is really communicating beyond the words and body language


    Unique insights by a new way of thinking and handling. You get confronted with your own patterns and you will get guidelines to change these. You will learn to trust your intuition, so you will take the right decisions at the right moment, and will direct your unique way in life. Giving you consciousness of what you really want.


    You will stay in the rustic luxurious villa Mas Santo located near Barcelona.With its 5ha Mediterranean grounds it’s the ideal venue to come to yourself. Mas Santo is the base for this discovery journey.

    Invest in yourself

    • Accommodation in a spacious double bedroom • All meals and consumptions
    • Transport from and to the airport of Barcelona • A personal evaluation coaching within a month



Payment conditions and quotes for students and freelancers. Optional: continuation program by coaching.
Minimal 6 persons, max. 12


March 6-10 2019 November 6-10 2019


The big 5* trainging info will be soon online.


Subscription and information

Fares Boustanji, or +31681495969

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