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About us

My name is Fares Boustanji, born in Aerdenhout 1964, speaker, trainer and coach.
My passion is to inspire and develop people.

Because of a long burn-out I had to change my life. With my wife and 4 children we moved to Spain and ik58_got my wife -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the opportunity to fulfill my wish to work with raptors.
By working with my vogels , I discovered en that as humans we communicate much more than words and body language. It took me several years to understand why a bird suddenly resisted while a few seconds earlier it was simply listening to my commands.

I found out that at first I was trying to change the bird and a long time later I understood that I had to change something to get rid of the resistance of the bird. to take.

I found out that I communicated through my radiance/energy that is linked to my intentions/feelings and thoughts. And to understand those intentions/feelings and thoughts I had to come into a deeper connection with myself.

Now it is my greatest passion to use what I have learned with the birds to inspire and motivate other people to develop themselves as a person and ultimately as a leader.

I feel like a rich person to be able to work with animals and people.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-22 om 10.02.43.

Photographer Duco de vries

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