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'By Far the best experiential leadership program I know. Without fuss you get the sharpest feedback on how you connect with yourself and your environment and therefore what your impact as a person is and you learn to increase it.' Tica Peeman, owner of VIStrainingen and leadership expert.


Workshop NL


Are you stuck? Do you feel there is more to yourself and/or your team? Would you like
further develop your leadership? More depth and quality in your life?


You have probably already followed a number of training courses and courses. Coaching experience.
Still, you would like to be more connected to yourself and your surroundings.
You keep running into the same problems and you can't do these patterns
breaking through.


In short: you want to become more empowered.

The 4-day training at a unique location in Spain ( is about experiencing, reflecting and especially the integration of new insights into old patterns. The program is varied and confrontational, so that you learn more about yourself in a few days than in years of training or coaching.
You gain insights through a new way of thinking and acting. You will be confronted with your patterns and given tools to change this. You become more aware of what you really want.

For whom 

For anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and develop themselves. Who wants to lead from connectedness.
Who wants to explore his own needs and way of communicating. Who wants to experience more effectiveness and fun in their work and personal life.

* 4 nights

* About delicious meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner and snacks)

* Local transport ( air tickets not included )

* Daily workshops Birds of prey, horses, coaches and horse sessions.

* Beach meditations

* Evening fire sessions

* Hike through the area possible

* Relax and reflect by the pool.

* and much more



Installment payment possible.

Personal leadership is not a skill or knowledge. It's about who you are as a manager. That determines whether you are effective. If a leader doesn't know who he is and doesn't really feel what he's asking of others, that won't happen. We all work intuitively, but forgot to talk about it. During an intensive journey of discovery at a beautiful location in Spain, you will discover why you get stuck or end up in a crisis. Do you want to become who you are again in order to really connect with others?
Then come ... ... to

New 1.5 day training :
be quick there are only 6 places 

(continues with 6 people)

Dates :
February 10-11 '22

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ en
24-25 February 22

costs  850,- incl:

bird of prey training

Overnight stay

2x Evening meal

coffee tea 


'The training was confrontational, but instructive. It's something you have to experience. Je receive feedback on who you are and how you communicate in a short time. For me it was real an eye-opener that you have to stay close to yourself in order to inspire confidence in someone else. I'm sure we'll talk about it years ago had done to become a close-knit team.'

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