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Rebird Training

Let yourself be confronted with what you really communicate!
* Are you aware of your radiance and energy?
* Is what you say and do equal to what you radiate?


Our team of raptors and trainers will show you:

* that you have energy / radiance

* where your energy / radiance comes from

* what information is in your appearance

* what influence your energy/appearance has on your environment

Often recurring problems come from this because we are not aware that je energy/radiance  has a strong influence on our environment.

You will gain insight into your energy/appearance and what your options are in a very tangible and non-floating way.

Team sessions

Rebird training courses are always tailor-made.

Based on your wishes and in consultation with  you, the training will be added together.

In some cases we work together with other specialized partners.

  • 2-day team training 

  • 4-day training courses abroad

Ask for the possibilities.

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